Agents of Espionage

Brian Viliunas


Clarinetist and conductor Brian Viliunas is an Assistant Professor of Music at Samford University, where he teaches clarinet, music classes and conducts all orchestral activities. His CD Agents of Espionage features the contemporary sounds of Zachary Bramble, Mark Lackey and Ryan Springler.

Assisting artists include Jeffrey Flaniken (violin), Donald Sanders (piano) and Kathryn Fouse (piano).

Track Previews

  1. To American Innovation: I. Introduction: The Echoes of a New Era - Zachary J. BrambleHEAR
  2. To American Innovation: II. To American Aviation, Art and Industry - Zachary J. BrambleHEAR
  3. Sonata for Clarinet and Piano: I. Stimmung - Zachary J. BrambleHEAR
  4. Sonata for Clarinet and Piano: II. Fuga - Zachary J. BrambleHEAR
  5. Sonata for Clarinet and Piano: III. Abgerundet binaren - Zachary J. BrambleHEAR
  6. Paths of the Seas - Mark LackeyHEAR
  7. Agents of Espionage - Zachary J. BrambleHEAR
  8. Spectacular Time - Ryan SpringlerHEAR
  9. Particles - Mark LackeyHEAR