Box Hill City Band- 125 Years

Box Hill City Band


This CD celebrates the musical accomplishment and longevity of the Box Hill City Band, which has given 125 years of momentous service to its local community and the general public throughout Australia.

This CD, which was recorded during 2014, the band’s 125th year, captures the spirit of the band’s current resurgence and marks its promotion back to its rightful place in the A Grade (Championship Section_ - the highest grade - for Australian contesting bands. This fine achievement was due to the talents of a committed group of players under the leadership of their passionate, young Musical Director, Dr. Matthew van Emmerik and their stalwart President, John Kelly (OAM).

Track Previews

  1. Whitehorse: Mark FordHEAR
  2. Knight Templar: George AllanHEAR
  3. Earthrise: Nigel ClarkeHEAR
  4. Repton: Hubert Parry M/SHEAR
  5. Forest of Dean: Derek BourgeoisHEAR
  6. Carrickfergus: Stephen RobertsHEAR
  7. Diversions on a Bass Theme: George LloydHEAR
  8. In Perfect Peace: Kenneth DownieHEAR
  9. March Celebration: Leslie CondonHEAR
  10. Close To You: Burt Bacharach arr. Farr M/SHEAR
  11. Homage to Adolphe Sax- From Ancient Times: Jan Ven der RoostHEAR