Bynum, Joshua


This project is meant to shine a light on great repertoire that has, for the most part, remained relatively obscure to our community. Each Selection pays homage to another artist's work that served as inspiration for new creativity. 

There is so much wonderful music waiting to be discovered. We can certainly continue to appreciate our most popular repertoire while actively seeking new paths to travel, and I hope this recording serves to spark that curiosity. Enjoy! - Joshua Bynum 

Track Previews

  1. Four Themes on Paintings of Goya: Mvt I. Conjuro - Anthony PlogHEAR
  2. Four Themes on Paintings of Goya: Mvt II. El Coloso - Anthony PlogHEAR
  3. Four Themes on Paintings of Goya: Mvt III. Francisco de Goya y Lucientes - Autorretrato - Anthony PlogHEAR
  4. Four Themes on Paintings of Goya: Mvt IV. La ultima communion de san Jose de Calasanz - Anthony PlogHEAR
  5. 12 Variations on a Theme from the Magic Flute - Ludwig van Beethoven, arr. BrownHEAR
  6. A la Maniere de Vivaldi - Jean-Michel DefayeHEAR
  7. A la Maniere de Brahms - Jean-Michel DefayeHEAR
  8. Emily Dickinson Songs: Mvt I. Nature, the Gentlest Mother - Aaron CoplandHEAR
  9. Emily Dickinson Songs: Mvt. II Heart, We Will Forget HIm - Aaron CoplandHEAR
  10. Emily Dickinson Songs: Mvt III. The World Feels Dusty - Aaron CoplandHEAR
  11. Emily Dickinson Songs: Mvt IV. The Chariot - Aaron CoplandHEAR
  12. A la Maniere de Schumann - Jean-Michel DefayeHEAR
  13. A la Maniere de Bach - Jean-Michel DefayeHEAR
  14. Poe Songs: Mvt I. The Raven - Gabriel StockhausenHEAR
  15. Poe Songs: Mvt II. The Tell-Tale Heart - Gabriel StockhausenHEAR
  16. Poe Songs: Mvt III. The Murders in the Rue Morgue - Gabriel StockhausenHEAR
  17. Poe Songs: Mvt IV. The Pit and the Pendulum - Gabriel StockhausenHEAR
  18. Poe Songs: Mvt V. House of Usher - Gabriel StockhausenHEAR
  19. A la Maniere de Debussy - Jean-Michel DefayeHEAR
  20. A la Maniere de Stravinsky - Jean-Michel DefayeHEAR