Child's Play

Kelly Johnson


Child's Play is the newest release from clarinetist Kelly Johnson full of music she has commissioned and enjoyed throughout her career. From "The Moon in My Window" by Eric Mandat to "Dance Duo" by Rodney Rogers, this disc is full of new additions to the clarinet's repertoire that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Track Previews

  1. Merry Music - Philip ParkerHEAR
  2. Distrocto - J.M. DavidHEAR
  3. Grooves - Philip ParkerHEAR
  4. Dance Duo - Rodney RogersHEAR
  5. Story Hour - Philip ParkerHEAR
  6. Nine Dances, Op. 62 - Dejan DespicHEAR
  7. The Moon in My Window - Eric MandatHEAR