Conversations Between Friends

Hurlstone, William and Douglas, Bill


The famed American biographer Catherine Drinker Bowen wrote that chamber music is "a conversation between friends".  This could not be more true with the performances contained on this album.  I first met Diane Barger and Mark Clinton in the fall of 2006, when I started teaching at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Over the past 10+ years, I have come to value them not only as colleagues, but as very dear friends.  We have had wonderful times together on and off stage, celebrated many occasions and holidays together, and shard meaningful and beautiful conversations.  We have stood by each other, embraced each other, and lifted each other up through various personal dramas over the years.  In all three works on this album, the greatest challenge and often the greatest joy for us as performers was in blending our sounds together in the many unison passages.  If chamber music is a conversation among friends, sometimes the greatest beauty is found not in the individual voices, but in the agreement of walking alongside one's dear friends and sharing the same story.

-Jeff McCray

1. Variations in G Minor- William Yeates Hurlstone

Trio in G Minor

2. Allegro Moderato

3. Andante

4. Scherzo

5. Andante Maestoso-Allegor Vivace

Trio No. 2

6. Cantando

7. Con Fuego

8. Rondo Antico

9. Tunisia


Track Previews

  1. HEAR
  2. HEAR
  3. HEAR
  4. HEAR
  5. HEAR
  6. HEAR
  7. HEAR
  8. HEAR