Cross Over


Cross Over: Clarinet works by Nikola Resanovic 

Featuring: Andrew DeBoer, clarinet - Qing Nadia Feeken, piano - Katherine Palmer, clarinet - Melissa Vaughan, clarinet - Matt Miracle, bass clarinet

In his second solo album, Andrew DeBoer has recorded many previously unrecorded clarinet works by Nikola Resanovic, a composer from the University of Akron in Ohio. The title refers to the cross-cultural aspects found in his music. Resanovic's music reflects his Serbian and Balkan-region heritage fused with his English and American cultural and musical influences.

Works Included:

1. Sonata for B-Flat Clarinet and PianoQin Nadia Feeken, piano

2. The Ox and the LarkKatherine Palmer, clarinet

3. Four Miniatures for clarinet trio Melissa Vauhan, clarinet  & Katherine Palmer, clarinet

4. Thunder- Blossom for clarinet solo

5. Analogues for clarinet and bass clarinet : Matthew Miracle, bass clarinet

6. for clarinet and recording 

Track Previews

  1. Sonata for Clarinet and Piano - Nikola ResanovicHEAR
  2. The Ox and the Lark - Nikola ResanovicHEAR
  3. Four Miniatures for clarinet trio - Nikola ResanovicHEAR
  4. Thunder-Blossom for clarinet solo - Nikola ResanovicHEAR
  5. Analogues for clarinet and bass clarinet - Nikola ResanovicHEAR
  6. for clarinet and recording - Nikola ResanovicHEAR