Dry Heat

Spring, Robert


What do you get when you combine an All-Star Clarinet Choir, one of the best percussionists on the planet and clarinet-virtuoso Robert Spring?  You get the latest CD from Potenza Music, Dry Heat.  Robert Spring is the multi-faceted driving force behind new music for the clarinet, and his latest offering does not disappoint.  Pick up a copy today!

Track Previews

  1. Music for Clairnets, Mvt. I - MandatHEAR
  2. Music for Clairnets, Mvt. II - MandatHEAR
  3. Music for Clairnets, Mvt. III - MandatHEAR
  4. Sub(t)rains O' Strata's Fears for solo Bb clarinet - MandatHEAR
  5. 3 for 2, Mvt. I - MandatHEAR
  6. 3 for 2, Mvt. II - MandatHEAR
  7. 3 for 2, Mvt. III - MandatHEAR
  8. Dry Heat - PrinceHEAR