High Autumn - Works for clarinet by James Grant

Helmers, William


James Grant’s chamber and recital music continues to gain a significant foothold among professional and university instrumentalists, who appreciate it for its melodic and rhythmic interest, harmonic sophistication, savvy playability and consistent audience appeal.  On High Autumn, clarinetist William Helmers is joined by pianist Wayne Wildman, saxophonist Jerry DiMuzio, and the Philharmonia String Quartet, with Zachary Cohen, double bass, in eloquent performances that celebrate the full spectrum of Grant’s colorful language: the elegance of Waltz for Betz and Just A Thought; the smoky, playful jazz of Sultry and Chocolates; the solemnity of the title track, High Autumn; the more formal rhetoric of Sextet for Bass Clarinet and Strings; and the crazy fun of Eccentric and Ragamuffins.

Track Previews

  1. Sultry & Eccentric, I: SultryHEAR
  2. Sultry & Eccentric, II: EccentricHEAR
  3. Waltz for BetzHEAR
  4. High AutumnHEAR
  5. Sextet for Bass Clarinet and Strings, I: LevityHEAR
  6. Sextet for Bass Clarinet and Strings, II: LossHEAR
  7. Sextet for Bass Clarinet and Strings, III: EmphasisHEAR
  8. Just A ThoughtHEAR
  9. RagamuffinsHEAR
  10. Chocolates, I: ValentineHEAR
  11. Chocolates, II: BittersweetHEAR
  12. Chocolates, III: Triple Mocha IndulgenceHEAR