Benton, Robert


Robert Benton displays his mastery of the euphonium on his newly-released album, "Mirrors." This disc includes a wide variety of pieces such as pieces Takehiko Yamada's arrangment of Antonio Soler's "Fandango," Joel Puckett's "Infinite Morning," Peter Meechan's "Jet A," Leonard Bernstein's "Simple Song" and many others. This is a must-have for euphonium players!

Track Previews

  1. Hummingbrrrd - BryantHEAR
  2. Fandango - Soler/arr. YamadaHEAR
  3. Infinite Morning - PuckettHEAR
  4. Introduction, Theme and Variations - Rossini/arr. BrennanHEAR
  5. Jet A - MeechanHEAR
  6. Milori Blue - NewmanHEAR
  7. Simple Song - BernsteinHEAR
  8. Spiegel Im Spiegel - PartHEAR