Mr. P Premium Tuba Mouthpieces


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The Mr. P Premium Tuba Mouthpieces are a newly designed series of mouthpieces by Daniel Perantoni, Professor of tuba and euphonium at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, based upon the existing Mr. P standard model mouthpieces with some new variations in structure, material, and sound.  These premium models are available in four different models for bass and contrabass tuba. As with the standard series mouthpieces , these mouthpieces have been designed from the ground up with improved response, ease of playability and a core-centered sound. While these premium series models will feel similar to their counterparts in the standard series there are a few major differences that Perantoni felt took his original models to a new level. All Mr. P Premium Tuba Mouthpieces come in gold-plated finish.