Starling, Jana


Mythos features the musical stylings of Jana Starling, Clarinet and Gail Novak, Piano. This CD contains a wide variety of music including Dana Wilson's "Liquid Ebony," Mark Schultz's "Into the Monster's Lair," Theresa Martin's "Gryphon," and the Muczynski "Time Pieces."

Track Previews

  1. Liquid Ebony - Dana WilsonHEAR
  2. Gate - Graham FitkinHEAR
  3. Andantino - Paul JeanJeanHEAR
  4. Into the Monster's Lair - Mark SchutzHEAR
  5. Gryphon - Theresa MartinHEAR
  6. Time Pieces, Op. 43 - Robert MuczynskiHEAR