Szentpali, Roland


What do you get when you combine a world-class composer/tubist with a world-class composer/piano player?  Parallels is the answer.  This disc is simply amazing.  You will want to listen to it again and again.

Track Previews

  1. Spain - C. CoreaHEAR
  2. Parallels - A. RomhanyiHEAR
  3. Two Pieces - S. RachmaninoffHEAR
  4. So Far, So Close - A. RomhanyiHEAR
  5. 'Largo' from Xerxes - G.F. HandelHEAR
  6. Full Speed Ahead - A. RomhanyiHEAR
  7. Riverside Reminiscence - A. RomhanyiHEAR
  8. Caribbean Mood - A. RomhanyiHEAR
  9. Chicken - P.W. EllisHEAR