Peaches at Midnight for Oboe and Piano

Martin, Theresa



"One night at midnight my two-year-old son woke up and sweetly asked if he could have some peaches. Normally I would have said "no," but the idea seemed so absurd and hilarious that I decided to allow him to come downstairs for a midnight snack...The form of the piece is a "mirror" form, in which sections from the beginning return, but in the opposite order in which they first appeared. The beginning and the end suggest awakening and falling back asleep. The middle sections depict the joyful exuberence, creative imagination, energetic playfulness, and abrupt temperament changes of toddlers that make experiening life with them so unpredictable and wonderful."

- Theresa Martin on her piece for oboe and piano, "Peaches at Midnight"

solo parts included: oboe