Meixner, Brian



Recording artist Brian Meixner says, "Praxis (a noun meaning 'translating an idea into action') is a perfect word to label this recording project, as it accurately describes the multi-year process of commissioning, practicing and organizing resources to bring the project to fruition. With the exception of Four Dialogues, all of these pieces were written within the last few years and were either commissioned directly by me, or written by a good friend or colleague. I include Four Dialogues because it is... the first significant piece in this genre of music for euphonium and percussion. I heard the Brian Bowman and Gordon Stout recording of the work at a young age, which sparked an interest in this combination of instruments. That initial interest eventually led to a passion, which I hope is evident through this recording."

This recording features Brian Meixner on euphonium, Nathan Daughtrey, percussion and Gate City Percussion (Justin Bunting, Nathan Daughtrey, Corey Denham, Danny Frye and Michael Ptacin).