Simply Velvet

Brown, Velvet


"Simply Velvet" brilliantly displays Velvet Brown's musicianship, virtuosity, and overall command of the tuba. Accompanied by Margaret McDonald, piano and Aaron Tindall, tuba, this CD encompasses a huge variety of musical styles from Mozart's "Queen of the Night Aria" to Peter Meechan's "Floating Dreams" for Tuba and CD accompaniment.

Track Previews

  1. Simple Song from the "Mass" - Leonard Bernstein/ed. Velvet BrownHEAR
  2. Floating Dreams - Peter MeechanHEAR
  3. Der Hirt auf dem Felsen - Franz Schubert/ed. Velvet BrownHEAR
  4. Retratos - Vinicio MezaHEAR
  5. Aria Con Variazioni - Thomas StevensHEAR
  6. Chant du Menestrel - Alexander Glazunov/ed. Velvet BrownHEAR
  7. Dido's Lament from Dido and Aeneas - Henry Purcell/ed. Velvet BrownHEAR
  8. Tuba Sonate - Anthony PlogHEAR
  9. The Queen of the Night Aria from The Magic Flute - Mozart/ed. Velvet BrownHEAR