Song Without Words Project No. 7: Opener/Closer for Trumpet and Tuba


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Songs Without Words No. 7

Opener/Closer for Trumpet and Tuba


Potenza Music Publishers invites you to partner with Lead Commissioners Mark Jeffrey (tuba) and Matt Otte (trumpet) and a collection of adventure-seeking tuba- and trumpet-playing grad students, faculty and professional performers who are participating in this progressive, innovative, and affordable creative collaboration with award-winning American/Canadian composer James Grant. 

Known for composing “music that is structurally smart, emotionally probing, rhythmically clever and harmonically subtle” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel), Jim continues to contribute to the 21st-century canon of recital and chamber music for the university studio and the professional concert stage through his Songs Without Words Project, a series of affordably-priced consortium commissions designed by Jim and administered by Potenza Music.

This new work for duo of trumpet (in C) and tuba (F) will be c. 4’00 in duration, titled Opener/Closer, and designed to open or close a recital.  To become a participating commissioner, simply pre-purchase the music below at its retail price of $24.95—the hardcopy of the score and the two parts will be mailed to you in the first week of August.

Your name (as you want it to appear in the score) and your current music affiliations (e.g., name of university, name of orchestra or ensemble, freelance, etc.) are requested above and will be printed on the Commissioners page.

Welcome to the party!