Eddie Sundra

Eddie Sundra (b. 1991) is an up-and-coming clarinetist currently finishing his masters degree in performance at the University of Michigan. Specializing in new music, he strives to enhance the standard concert experience through creative programming and incorporation of multimedia. While many of his compositions have featured the clarinet, he is slowly expanding his output to include works for other instruments and ensembles, including large ensembles and vocalists.

Eddie completed his undergraduate studies at the Pennsylvania State University, where he studied clarinet performance, along with receiving instruction in composition and music technology from Dr. Paul Barsom. As a performer, he has participated in festivals such as the Thy Chamber Music Festival in Denmark, the Aspen Music Festival, and the Eastern Music Festival, studying with internationally-renowned orchestral musicians.

Striving for both originality and accessibility, Eddie draws his compositional inspiration from a wide range of sources, including visual art, literature, and personal experiences. In terms of musical influences, he is fond of many artists in both the classical and contemporary musical worlds. Some of his favorite composers/artists include Mieczysaw Weinberg, Morton Feldman, Sufjan Stevens, Joanna Newsom, and Bombino.