This Is My House

Aaron Tindall


This is My House is the second solo tuba recording from Aaron Tindall.  An album of 'premieres', Tindall displays a wide-variety of new pieces and some older favorites in a completely new way.  Definitely a recording that you'll want to listen to over-and-over.  This is a completely digital product, and upon purchase will you will be given a download code to redeem at our website.

Track Previews

  1. Tuba Concerto - GoodmanHEAR
  2. The Liberation of Sisyphus - StevensHEAR
  3. Concerto for Tuba (Three Furies) - GrantHEAR
  4. These Mist Covered Mountains - MeechanHEAR
  5. Ludus - NelhybelHEAR
  6. Pure Blonde - HansenHEAR
  7. This is My House - OxfordHEAR
  8. Sonata for Bass Tuba - HIndemith/arr. OxfordHEAR