Visionary for Clarinet, Viola and Piano

Martin, Theresa



Visionary is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Norman Letvin, a world leader in basic immunology research. He was a dedicated medical investigator, an influential mentor and advisor, and a trusted colleague. Norm took great pleasure in his family, his medical research, and his music. A clarinet prodigy, he grew up in Detroit, Michigan, attended Cass Tech High School, performed at Interlochen and was offered positions at top conservatories and departments of music. He chose instead to attend Harvard College. He was a member of the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, and continued with the Leonard B. Smith Concert Band in Detroit. His accomplishments in the medical field were exemplary, making leading discoveries about the HIV/AIDS virus and its possible vaccination. Norm was widely published… He was awarded the William Silen Lifetime Achievement in Mentoring Award from Harvard Medical College, where he trained students and postdoctoral fellows with great care and devotion. 

Norm was also a devoted husband and father of four children. Great live music was always to be heard in their home, from clarinet, piano, violin, viola and cello. He often performed chamber music for the scientists at the major conferences, and he loved to play both classical and klezmer music at family gatherings... Friends and family described him as having "danced" when he played clarinet... Norm was energetic, compassionate, generous, artistic and courageous. His courage was most remarkable during the last few years of his illness, as he optimistically declared "every day now is a gift".

I was honored to write a piece for this remarkable man. I thank his college roommate and his family for bringing me the commission. Inspired by his life and legend, I came up with the title Visionary.

- Theresa Martin

Solo Parts Included: Clarinet, Viola, Opt. Violin, Opt. Cello